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  1. 114: Simple CFO Solutions: A Fractional CFO for Your Business with David Richter

    There are some businesses that are too small to have a full-time CFO, while others are too big to do without one. However, have you ever heard of fractional CFOs? In this episode, David Richter, Founder of Simple CFO Solutions, discusses Fractional CFOs, what they do, and why businesses need guidance ...


  2. 113: Part 2: Predicting Economic Implications with Jeremy Roll

    Another high-level episode with Jeremy Roll. In this episode, we jump straight into the hot topic. This time Jeremy predicts the implications of this new IRA government proposal. He shares a deep insight into the economy, touching topics on the heavy tax code in California and the two sides of ...


  3. 112: Going Where the Money is with Jay Conner

    Jay started his first real estate investment way back in 2003. At the turn of every decade, Jay remained resilient and established himself as a reputable authority in real estate private lending. His rich experience gifted him a nose for sniffing out golden opportunities, having rehabbed up to 450 houses. ...


  4. 111: Real Estate Predictability with Jeremy Roll - Part 1

    Jeremy Roll, president of Roll Investment Group, discusses the importance of certain real estate strategies, including the ability to evaluate deals carefully, making ‘predictions’ based on data, and most importantly, working with the right people. This discussion was so insightful that it will require a part two! Be sure to tune ...


  5. 110: Raising our Freedom Index with Dr. David Phelps

    Today we are joined by the founder of Freedom Founder himself, Dr. David Phelps. A good friend and even better portfolio manager. David also provides valuable wisdom and insight into the five variables of what he calls the Freedom Index. He goes on how to raise this index in our ...